The following publications are useful in researching the Milan area.

  • Ancient and Modern Milan, 1830-1976 by Arleigh Squires.
  • History of Monroe County, Michigan Edited by Talcott E. Wing 1890
  • History of Monroe County, Michigan Edited by John M. Bulkley 1913
  • History of Washtenaw County, Michigan Edited by C. C. Chapman 1881
  • Washtenaw County: An Illustrated History by Ruth Bordin 1988.
  • Past and Present of Washtenaw County, Michigan by Samuel W. Beakses 1906
  • History of Milan by Martha Churchill, published by Arcadia Press, 2010v
  • Electric Trolleys of Washtenaw County by Martha Churchill and H. Mark Hildebrandt, 2009, published by Arcadia Press
  • History of Dundee by Dorothy Heinlen and Martha Churchill, 2011, published by Arcadia Press
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