The following institutions have been found to have information about the Milan area.

  • Milan Public Library
  • The library has a local history room and includes publications compiled by Carl and Lillian Eggert Brown. One publication is a multi-volume compilation of death records with a every name index.

  • Archives of the Monroe County Historical Society
  • The archives includes a obituary file with the obituaries sorted in alphabetical order and a card file of names indicating which publications they can be found in. On the same floor is a room where the Monroe County Genealogical Society keeps their archival material - but they are only open on Wednesdays and select Saturdays before society meetings.

  • Ellis branch library of the Monroe County Library System
  • This branch library has a genealogical section that includes information about the local area, including microfilm of some of the Monroe County newspapers, as well as information about other states (such as Ohio, New York, Rhode Island, etc.). The Bedford branch library also has a good genealogical section.

  • LDS - Family History Center in Saline
  • The FHC has moved from Hill Street in Ann Arbor to Saline. Their on-site collection includes film about Washtenaw County and also contains the archives of the Washtenaw County Genealogical Society.

  • Ann Arbor Public Library
  • The library has microfilm of the Ann Arbor newspapers.

  • Bentley Library in Ann Arbor
  • The Bentley library has an extensive collection of photos and other items of Milan history, much of it stored there on behalf of the Milan Area Historical Society. It also has county histories for the state of Michigan, an assortment of maps which include the Milan area and surrounding communities, plus a copy of the 1894 Washtenaw County state census. Their internet offerings are wonderful.

  • Ypsilanti District Library
  • The library has the Michigan room, which contains data about the history and some genealogical data about families in Ypsilanti and Washtenaw County. It also has a microfilm of the Ypsilanti Newspapers.

  • Archives of the Ypsilanti Historical Society
  • It was common for people to move back and forth between Milan and Ypsilanti. These archives mainly contain information about people in the city of Ypsilanti but it also has some information about Washtenaw County.